January 2014 sketchdump, to prove I’m not dead.. I just graduated in December from VCU and I’ve been in this huge, stank funk, which has been a mixture of fear of adulthood, crippling anxiety, and feelings of incompetency. Pair this with the blues that come from a hugely influential part of my life being over combined with the inevitable low I always feel after Christmas has passed. After the semester was over I spent a few weeks feeling like a dried up well with nothing left to offer. It’s been up and down for a little while, but I’ve managed to keep drawing for the past few days, and the feeling of accomplishment is a very good one, even if it’s small. Baby steps towards the bigger goals, I suppose. 

Was reminded recently by a friend that having something as simple as a glass of clear water, as well as the strength to lift it to your mouth to drink, is enough to be incredibly thankful for. So here’s to the new year, where things are never as bad as they seem.

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