A bunch of color comps of my cover contribution for the Weird anthology through VCU, all thanks to the great art direction of Editor-in-Chief Chris Kindred. Thanks for the opportunity, dude! 

I have made a gif! Very excited. It was a lot of fun to make so I think I’m going to mess around with it more in the future. Also— Drawing Mads Mikkelsen’s face is hella fun. HELLA. Perfectly creepy and handsome all at the same time.


.:Devils on the Levee:. PART I

You can view the comic in it’s entirety at www.chrisvisions.com

Less than a week from today, I’ll finally be able to share my work with Chris Sebela and Boom! Studios, DEAD LETTERS.  With my excitement at it’s threshold and knowing I haven’t been able to share much, I thought I’d do a special #TBT today. I’ll be posting the entire story of DOTL in three parts throughout today.  

If your interested in a printed copy of this story, I’ll have copies available at Heroes Con this year!

Be sure to pick up DEAD LETTERS at your comic book store, April 2nd!!  Here’s a list of signings you can catch me at in the weeks ahead:

April 2nd. Laughing Ogre Comics, 5pm-8pm: 

1067 Braddock Rd, Fairfax, VA 22032

April 5th, Velocity Comics, 3pm-5pm: 

819A W. Broad St., Richmond, VA 23220

April 12th, Big Planet Comics of Vienna, 12pm-2pm:


April 12th, Big Planet Comics of College Park, 4pm-6pm:


Boyfriend’s beautiful comic. Don’t end your day without reading it.

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"With Bated Breath"

My submission for the Girl Glue Zine by Mel Stringer. This is also my first 100% digital piece, done with Photoshop CS5 and my friend The Great Richie Pope's brush making tutorial! Whew, that was a lot of links. I learned a lot and enjoyed making it, now on to the next one!

February & Early March 2014 Sketchdump. Gearing up to work on some new things very soon.


Motivational poster by my bed (x)

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"Silver Star" 

After listening to St. Vincent’s new album, I had been wanting to do a piece about her. I had a day off of work and decided to finally move past the “ugly” stage it had been sitting in. I’ve been drawn to the brand of gentle, bright madness she expresses with her sound, and on top of the geometric/pastel imagery in her new album, it makes for a wide aesthetic wealth to glean from. Had a lot of fun with the noise filter on this one. 

And the newest OOSA artist is…


Chris Visions!

profile picI’m so happy to finally be able to announce this since I’ve been sitting on it for a while. It’s been especially hard since Chris Visions has been getting a lot of attention recently for his upcoming series Dead Letterswith Chris Sebela from Boom! Studios. And all of that attention is much deserved because he’s an amazing, versatile artist. If you haven’t heard of him yet, don’t…

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Chris Visions is soooo cooooool \ ( * A * ) /




Hannibal Did This To Me Fan-Art Contest Winners!

It was nearly impossible to pick just 13, but we finally whittled it down to these beauties.

Everyone join us in congratulating our Hannibal Season 2 “Fan-Artists in Residence,” in no particular order…

We cannot WAIT to see what you all come up with this season!


Hey, thats’s me ;)  my recent hannibal piece got me in the line up to do a poster for an episode for season 2!!!  I’m doing a few snoopy dances right now :D

AAAAHHHH congrats to kristal and chris!!!! so proud of youuuuu

Boymanfriend did the thing!!


'C'mon Will!! I need my beauty sleep!!!” #thisismydesign #hannibal #willgraham #fannibals #hannibaldidthistome

boyfriend…. <3